Obsessed: Living in Style by Rachel Zoe


Rachel Zoe’s new book, Living in Style, is a guide on how to incorporate a little glamour into your everyday life. She explains how she developed her passion for fashion at a young age and offers a few pieces of advice not only from her, but from her amazing friends and family as well.

Although I adore each of the eight chapters, I found the first two be the most appealing. The first chapter is called, Fashion is My Everything. In this chapter, Rachel explains the progression of how her obsession with fashion has developed into a career. She also includes some of her fashion 101 tips and what a day in the life of Rachel Zoe is really like. Based on her TV show that aired on Bravo, we saw her as this glamorous, constantly on-the-go type of woman. What you really learn from this chapter is that there’s much more to her life than meets the eye.

“People who love fashion don’t dream of becoming rich- they just thrive on the creativity of the business and fantasize about gorgeous clothes.” 


My second favourite chapter is called, Define Your Style. In addition to stressing the fact that you should always accentuate what’s great and what works for you and your lifestyle, she also talks about her fashion icons and how she shops for vintage pieces. My favourite quote from this chapter is,”I’m not staring at your shoes. Really. People who don’t know me assume that I judge everyone’s outfits, from head to toe- not true. In fact, I’m never critical. I appreciate individual style and that has little to do with who can collect the most expensive designer bags or ankle boots. In the art world, you need a ton of money to become a major collector. In fashion, anyone can put together an amazing look- even on a dime.”

“Whether you’re a working woman, a full-time student, or a new mom, you shouldn’t compromise your style. For sure, functional can be fashionable.” 

The rest of this novel is equally as fascinating and informative. She talks about her love for accessories, explains some of the major & most memorable moments in her fashion career and gives us a tour of her gorgeous home in Los Angeles, California.

Overall, I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a passion for fashion. Not only is it interesting to see how one of the biggest celebrity stylists in Hollywood got her start, but she also includes valuable tips, tricks and advice that can really change your outlook and attitude towards fashion and your personal style.

Living in Style’s official release date is March 25, 2014. If you’d like to pre-order it, head to your nearest bookstore, or order it online at Chapters/IndigoAmazon or Barnes and Noble.


What did you enjoy about Rachel Zoe’s new book?